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Wayside Waifs opens doors to 20 dogs with death sentence

Kansas City’s Wayside Waiffs is opening its doors to 20 dogs rescued from New Mexico. The puppies were scheduled to be put down, but thanks to Wayside Waifs, a no-kill shelter, the dogs have a new lease on life.

If you’re interested in adopting one of the dogs, visit Wayside Waifs website or visit their facility, located at 3901 E. Martha Truman Road in Kansas City, Mo.

Police Save Pitbull Left for Dead

LOS ANGELES — After a pitbull was struck by a car and left on an LA sidewalk for five hours, three LAPD police officers spotted his still-wagging tail rushed him to an emergency vet clinic.

The pitbull suffered two broken ribs and a shattered leg. Veterinarians discovered a radio-frequency ID tag under the dog’s skin, which allowed police to notify the owner. But the owner made it clear the $10,000 medical bill was too much.

“We can’t afford it,” the owner told LAPD officer Jennifer Cohen. “Put him down. We don’t want him.”

The officers asked the owner to sign the dog over to them — and they did. Now Philly — named after the officer’s sergeant — has three adoptive owners. They started a Facebook page detailing his recovery and are accepting donations to help pay for his medical expenses.

Holiday Pictures: You did what to your pets?

Pets everywhere endured the whims of their humans as they decked them out in everything from holiday lights to Santa suits. Below are some Instagram pictures of what some pets suffered through. Kidding. No pets were harmed in the taking of these pictures — we think. We’re pretty sure. :)

Greg Kincaid Chats about New Novel “A Christmas Home”

‘Tis the season to start brining out all of your favorite Holiday books. This year, dog lovers will surely add a local author’s new novel to their lists. New York Times bestselling author, Greg Kincaid, told us all about “A Christmas Home.”

Book Launch and Signing for “A Christmas Home” with Greg Kincaid
Thursday, November 1 at 7 p.m.
At Rainy Day Books In Fairway, Kan.
Tickets are $16
Call 913-384-3126 for more info or to reserve your spot!
Or head to: http://www.Rainydaybooks.Com/event

Heartwarming: Blue-Eyed Husky Tracks Owner’s Scent to Hospital

BAY SHORE, N.J. — A dog went out of his way to visit his owner in the hospital. The Husky followed his owner’s scent for two miles before making it to his owner’s bedside.

John Dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition, and “Zander” his dog took it hard.

“He sulked,” said Priscilla Dolan, John’s wife. “He even cried.”

Then Zander seemingly decided he had to be by John’s side. He broke out of his Bay Shore, New Jersey home and followed John’s scent. He even had to cross a busy four-lane road to get to the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. A hospital employee found Zander on the street outside the hospital where John was being treated.

“It took a few days to sink in, really,” John said. “He was coming to see me.”

Woman Recalls Day Copperhead Killed 95-Pound Dog

MERRIAM, Kan. — After her 95-pound dog was bit and killed by a copperhead, one woman said she wants others to know there are venomous snakes in the metro.

Jennifer Kennedy said she was working on her laptop last Wednesday, Sept. 29, when  she heard her beloved 8-year-old German Shepherd “Jojo” let out a screeching yelp. She rushed outside to find him fighting for her life.

“She was literally collapsed right here in my rose garden,” Kennedy said. “As she was collapsed, I heard the hissing under my feet. I was standing on the front porch and she was still breathing. I was screaming. I thought she was stuck, and I go to pull her out and I realized she was in shock and not stuck. Then she took one breath and she just collapsed and was gone just like that.”

Secret Mother of ‘World’s Cutest Dog’ Boo is a Secret No More

After three years in the shadows, the human mother of Boo, “the world’s cutest dog” has been revealed.

According to AllThingsD, Boo’s mom is Irene Ahn and holds a leading position at Facebook. Prior to joining the social network in December 2008, Ahn reportedly worked for Yahoo and PayPal. AllThingsD credits anonymous tipsters with identifying her.